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True Colors Boer Goat Sale

Windrush Farms would like to thank all of the buyers of our goats from the 2015 True Colors Boer Goat Sale on May 23, 2015 in Lebanon, PA. A Big THANKS to the consigners for inviting us to their sale and the warm hospitality. It was a great experience and it exceeded our expectations! Of course the sale wouldn't have been possible without Davidson Livestock Boer Goats for putting the sale together and Chestnut Springs Farm for doing the advertising and promoting our lots as they went through the ring.

You're Amazing

Thank You!

Many thanks to all the
bidders and buyers at the 2015
Tall Corn Jackpot Wether and Replacement Doe/Buck Sale!

We are excited to see what 2015 brings and we wish you all the best of luck!

S2 Cruiser returns to Texas

S2 Cruiser has returned to Sisters II in Carlsbad, TX. He stood in Iowa for the 2013 breeding season and is a full brother to S2 Best Pal **Ennobled**. Our thanks to Sister II for loaning S2 Crusier to us.

S2 Cruiser

(Powell/Holman 104X x S2 Bye Bye Birdie)

Windrush Shop Talk returns to Iowa

Windrush Shop Talk stood at Sisters II in Carlsbad, TX for the 2013 breeding season. He has now returned to Iowa for the 2014 breeding season. Many thanks to all that used Shoptalk's services!

Windrush Shop Talk

(S2 Best Pal **Ennobled** x Windrush Show Special)