Welcome to Windrush Farms

Welcome to Windrush Farms

Appreciation is a Wonderful Thing

Windrush Farms thanks ALL of our customers past, present, and prosepective. We are very blessed by the people who have purchased our goats.

We would like to hear from you on how you are doing with your new purchases. If you are in need of any help with your goats, we are only a phone call or an email away.
Best of luck in 2016.

Taking a Right into the Slow Lane

Our think-tanks need a break, so we can maximize in our Golden Years. This is a tremendous opportunity for our customers and new prospective purchasers!

Call or email to set up an appointment today!

2015 Fall Does For Sale

Check out our Boer Goats For Sale page and see the full listing of goats for sale.

Tag# Goat Name FB% DOB Sire Dam S,Tw,Tr
E516 Windrush Too Much Chatter FB 10/1/2015 RM McCoy Windrush I Can Dazzle Tr
E528 Windrush Miss Special FB 10/5/2015 RM McCoy Windrush Show Special Tr
E527 Windrush Lame´ 50% 10/5/2015 RM Throwback Boer X (Satin) Tr
E534 Windrush Forget Me Not 88% 12/8/2015 RM Hatfield Windrush Jewel S