Welcome to Windrush Farms

Welcome to Windrush Farms

April 1, 2017 at the Kalona Sales Barn, Inc. in Kalona, Iowa.

Windrush Farms will have Wethers, Registered Full Blood Boer Does, Registered Percentage Boer Does, and a Registered Full Blood Boer Buck for sale. Sale catalog is available at: www.boergoats.com.

For more information regarding Windrush Boer Goats being sold at the sale on April 1st, please contact Vern Thorp at 641-660-1390 or Susan Thorp at 641-660-1388. Write us at: windrushia@gmail.com.

Harry  (Windrush Back Street x Windrush Twist of Silver)

2016 Grand Champion Wether

Congratulations Mattie Wheeler on her 1st Place and Grand Champion Wether WIN at the 2016 Tall Corn Jackpot Wether Show.

Silverado  (Windrush Toy Story x Windrush Quicksilver)

2016 2nd Place Wether Silverado

Congratulations to Abbie Wheeler on her 2nd Place finish at the 2016 Tall Corn Jackpot Wether Show.

Both photos taken by: Nichole Brandon





Taking a Right into the Slow Lane

Our think-tanks need a break, so we can maximize in our Golden Years. This is a tremendous opportunity for our customers and new prospective purchasers. Plus, our 2016 October kids have arrived!

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